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Useful Tips

Instructions to follow after your visit to the orthodontist.


The first days with an orthodontic mechanism

Your child just wore his first orthodontic mechanism. This requires a period of adjustment and some instructions to be followed. This mechanism is delicate and hard / stiff foods should be avoided together with nail chewing and hands in the mouth. During the first few days it is common to experience some inconvenience and a difficulty in chewing. This is expected, so in such case if needed medication subscribed will be taken. You can also use the orthodontic candle in case of irritation.

Teeth brushing:

After each meal at least 3 times a day. Braces keep food that leads to the accumulation of dental plaque and bacterial growth, resulting in dental caries.


For the first days, foods should be soft and easy to swallow. The mouth slowly becomes accustomed to the mechanism.

During treatment, avoid:
• Hard / stiff fruits.
• Foods that “stick”.
• Foods with lots of sugar.

Also beware:
• Biting a sandwich very hard, some fruits like apple and hard vegetables such as carrots must be cut into small pieces.
• Biting pens and pencils.

Chew with care!

Or else what happens;
The braces go off, the wires curl and mechanism replacement is necessary.

Specialized orthodontists:

Specialist orthodontists are orthodontists who have deepened their knowledge in orthodontics with a further four years of study and have obtained a National Orthodontics Medicine Diploma from the Ministry of Health.

Unfortunately there are many dentists who trick patients into believing they are orthodontists, having done some seminars only, without going through the long and demanding procedure and training that is required to become a Specialized Orthodontist. Patients must be careful and consult the Dental Association to make sure the orthodontist they are visiting.

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