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Project Description

A series of thin transparent splints (aligners) for the upper and / or lower teeth.

What is it and how long is its usage?

The INVISALIGN method comprises a series of thin transparent splints (aligners) for the upper and / or lower teeth, which have a horseshoe shape and fitted over the teeth just like a glove fits the hand. These aligners gradually move and straighten crooked teeth without using the traditional “braces”.

After two weeks replace the old with new casts that will continue to move the teeth for another two weeks until the next place so.

So continues the progress of treatment with biweekly alternating casts until the time the latter splints will bring the final straightening of teeth moving in their final (straight) positions.

Depending on the severity of the orthodontic problem a treatment with INVISALIGN process can last from (8) by eight (18) eighteen months and require a corresponding number of splints on the upper and lower denture.

With this method we can choose what teeth and what we want to straighten teeth as he will prepare transparent splints.

The INVISALIGN method is the treatment of choice for busy people who want to improve their smile without the aesthetic commitments that cause the classic “braces” and without changes in the quality of their lives.

Splints INVISALIGN treat a range of orthodontic problems such as:

  • Crooked teeth

  • Teeth with inclines or curves

  • Bottlenecks teeth that do not fit the dentures

  • Big gaps between teeth

  • Teeth that do not fit together seamlessly

Because the aligners are transparent, comfortable and not annoy mobile in everyday life nor in eating or other activities. Investigations have shown that the oral hygiene is improved particularly during treatment with stents INVISALIGN. Each splint is different from the previous and next, and gradually moves for two weeks teeth to their final (straight) positions.
To date more than 4,000,000 people around the world have improved the smile and the health of their mouth thanks to braces.
INVISALIGN and their number is increasing.

Benefits of INVISALIGN orthodontic treatment.

The bad position of teeth or facial jaw can threaten the health and beauty of a man. Crooked teeth pose difficulties in daily brushing, talking and chewing food.
Also affecting the good operation of the upper and lower teeth with a negative impact on oral joint function.
With orthodontia restore the good contact of teeth during chewing and speaking, remove the factors that hinder the correct toothbrushing and significantly improve the appearance and beauty of the face.
So the teeth and gums is not damaged and remain strong for a lifetime. thus reducing the chance of dental caries and gingivitis or periodontitis occurrence. This means fewer visits to the dentist and less need for time consuming and costly dental work (prostheses, dental fillings or root canal).
The INVISALIGN method achieves all of the above in the most biologically gentle manner and the use of stents aesthetically passes almost unnoticed for the patient and his environment.
Patients do fearlessly orthodontic treatment without aesthetic, social or business restrictions, as unfortunately happens in the classical Orthodontics.
This way the INVISALIGN method gives a beautiful smile and beautify the face of man, influencing positively in psychology and confidence. This is very important, because when the person’s appearance improves the man feel more comfortable and confident about himself in a positive impact on personal and professional life.
Nevertheless to emphasize once again that orthodontic treatment is necessary for medical reasons orally before and above any aesthetic improvement.



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