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Project Description

The Intraoral iTero Element® Scanner is the No. 1 digital solution.

The clinic has a state-of-the-art intraoral scanner, the I tero flex, the only scanner that predicts results after one orthodontic treatment. The patient can see within 5 minutes how their mouth is transformed after one Orthodontic treatment.

I tero puts an end to the classic measures with alginate that brings a tendency of vomit to many patients and particularly children.

With I tero the measure accuracy is 100 % and the patient’s digital measure never lost. I tero is the best and the fastest scanner on the market…

In the invisalign technique with the I tero scanner there is huge advantage because the splints are manufactured with very high precision and come very fast compared to the classical measures.

We also have the same benefits in Lingual Invisible Orthodontics, since we work with French and German laboratories, so we have accuracy and speed on the order.



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