Lingual Orthodontics

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Project Description

Christos Lefas is a postgraduate University of Paris V (World renowned) on lingual orthodontics.

The technique of lingual braces is not so widespread in Greece due to the small number of specialized orthodontists applying it. However, the number of this type of cases is increasing daily.

Dr. Lefas is a certified Incognito provider.

Incognito® (3M), technique that we apply at our practice offers us the ability to treat every type of orthodental disharmony. In this case, the backets are glued at the inner side of the teeth, making them practically invisible.

100% personalized brackets created for each patient after high-precision footprints.

These mechanisms remedy the problem without seeing them for as long as the treatment lasts.
This technique is mainly addressed to adults, but also to selected teenagers.
In fact this type of orthodontics, addresses to all those that cannot imagine themselves wearing braces.
Duration of the treatment varies based on the severity of your problem.

Why should I choose this type of orthodontics?

  • Invisible method
  • No speech alteration

  • No affect on social or professional life

  • Minimum disturbance, no change of daily nutrition
  • Reduced risk of cavities or gingivitis



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